ReStyle is a designer furniture brand that believes the kitchen industry needs to change. ReStyle intends to change the traditional roles of the consumer experience, making design accessible to many people around the world. In 2021, we founded this brand and created seven collections of kitchen furniture in collaboration with talented Ukrainian designers. Even now, we continue to create new models and designs and more products are coming soon.
"We want more people to be able to afford a quality kitchen with great design at a fair price. We know that beautiful furniture is expensive. And their ordering and production could take much time. Today, the kitchen furniture market is very diverse. But there is no offer of designer quality furniture at an affordable price with minimal customer involvement.
I've reinvented the kitchen ordering process, now it's faster and easier. You can order a kitchen during an online meeting with our design specialist. We will send the samples by post. Measurements will be made by a qualified specialist with a 3D scanner. The cost of kitchens will be less than that of a private craftsman, but from a professional designer with factory quality with a guarantee and always on time.
We do not skimp on materials and fittings. We still believe that only the best fittings should be in the kitchen. As you know, this is Blum. The cabinet must be made of certified 18 mm laminated board. The edge is glued with polyurethane glue, which guarantees a neat edge and protection against moisture for many years. And, of course, very precise milling and drilling of parts guarantees reliable and fast assembly of cabinets and the kitchen as a whole."
founder Roman Sydorenko
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