The Scandinavian vision and atmosphere of the Ukrainian city, expertly reproduced and combined in ReStyle kitchens, is a result of the creativity and fruitful work of the ReStyle team in collaboration with famous Ukrainian designers.
"Many have a dilemma at the beginning of the renovation: everything looks great on Pinterest, but... how and where to buy it? Who knows? What should we do? Where can we find a skilled furniture maker, able to turn a picture into reality? We had the idea of a kitchen that brings joy immediately come to mind. We don't need to think about the technological process, or select the countertop and appliances, accessories, and lighting for the kitchen separately. Offer us the finished product in one place for enjoyment from the moment of ordering until the moment of cooking in the new kitchen. This is our main idea! Kitchen recommended by friends, you can order a model in which everything is already selected, connect it, and cook with ease!"
Yevhenii Litvinenko
"We have selected fronts and finishes that fit into the brand's budget and style. For each model, unique accessories in the Scandinavian style have been selected: overhead and built-in, everything is very elegant and convenient! Try it for yourself! Scandinavian aesthetics are close to us in spirit. Simple forms, tactile materials of natural veneers, natural linoleums and HPL, structural tinted MDF and matte painting in natural colors... Subtly designed details for long-term use, your kitchen will last longer. And all this at a reasonable price. Try it! We are sure that you will definitely like it!

You will enjoy the cooking process in your kitchen. Mmmm...drooling! Nice and tasty!"
The open space of kitchen room has long been loved by follovers of the new vision and has become a standard solution in modern interiors. At the same time, the approach to kitchen design is also changing. Now the kitchen should not only be a functional necessity, but also a self-sufficient decoration of the home, reflecting the character of its owner and their personal sense of beauty. ReStyle provides this opportunity - the key to creating open and natural kitchen spaces in which everyone can express their identity.
In the development of ReStyle kitchens, designers worked on a visual concept, took care of convenience and ergonomics, and a team of technologists created strong and functional modules that are easily adaptable to any space and will last for many years. We use invisible mounting fasteners that guarantee a visually clean look without unnecessary screws.
ReStyle kitchens are self-sufficient objects, making it possible to design the interior of the kitchen easily and in a designer way, even independently. Therefore, our kitchens consist of cabinets that are perfectly combined with each other, creating a complete composition, and the plinth in the material of the fronts and side panels complete the design. Every element has been thought out to the smallest detail. We have developed every millimeter, every connection and attachment of details so that our customers can get the best experience from a new kitchen.
We know that modern kitchens are full-fledged pieces of furniture that can be placed from wall to wall, and regardless of space limitations, they will have the effect of an artistic exhibition look. "A kitchen like a picture". The desire to fill all the walls with bulky cabinets up to the ceiling, even around the perimeter of the room, is not design; it should be forgotten and remain in the past. ReStyle is about a radically new approach to kitchen design. Take measurements of your space and book an online meeting. We will show you what a modern designer kitchen is like that can easily and quickly become yours. Years of use will gladly confirm the impeccable quality of our designs.
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