This is a popular kitchen design with simple, comfortable cabinets and overhead handles. ReStyle in BASIC design offers the largest selection of materials and their combinations.
A new vision for kitchen design
The Вasic design is the most adaptable, with a wide array of combinations that will satisfy any aesthetic needs. Choose your combination of materials, textures, colors, and accessories to realize your dreams of an ideal kitchen space.

Variants Basic

Basic design comes in six different versions: Color, Wood, Laminate, Linoleum, Soft Touch and Authentic. We offer Scandinavian handles for front design.

You can choose a plain kitchen or with a bold combination of several decors or materials. In the Basic design, any manifestation of your vision is possible.

Design combinations
There is no less wide choice among countertops options. We often recommend Linoleum countertops, but you can let your imagination run wild and find a unique combination. A choice of countertops in Wood, HPL, Quartz and chipboard with HPL coating.



We have compiled a gallery of Basic kitchen options where you can consider all the visual aspects of the design. Be inspired by Basic's style and choose your combination of cabinet fronts, countertops and handles.
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