The JOY kitchen was created by ReStyle designers for the young and carefree people, lovers of pure natural spaces. The technological solution of the JOY milled handle will please the user with its ease of use and tactile feel.
A new vision for kitchen design

Kitchen Joy replicates ease from the start of the project and throughout its use. You can combine multiple designs in one project to express your unique design sense.

Variants Joy

Joy design comes in two different versions: Color and Authentic. Cover panels, inserts and plinths are designed to match the fronts with identical finishing.
In the Joy kitchen, the designers supported the idea of sustainable consumption and environmental friendliness. The special shape of the front, with a milled handle, does not require additional attributes. The natural materials used are made from recycled wood, making this the perfect solution for followers of a new product vision.
Design combinations
We recommend Linoleum countertops to create a particularly natural look. Fronts in the Authentic material are aptly emphasized by the oak edge of the Linoleum countertop. If you are looking for the most practical solution, we advise you to choose an HPL or quartz countertop.



We have compiled a gallery of Joy kitchen options where you can consider all the visual aspects of the design. Be inspired by Joy's style and choose your combination of cabinet fronts and countertops.
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