We offer countertops in five different materials: Linoleum, Wood, Quartz, HPL and chipboard with HPL coating. Consider the characteristics of each countertop material to make it easier for you to make a choice based on your individual needs.

Linoleum countertops are based on 22 mm moisture-resistant chipboard covered with natural organic linoleum on the front side, and with an natural oak edge on all visible sides. Linoleum is glued on strong glue under high pressure to ensure increased reliability. Linoleum countertops are durable, have an matte surface with pleasant texture and unique colors. The surface looks soft, but is quite strong and wear-resistant.

Specification: natural, organic material, pleasant to the touch, easy to maintain and clean, renewed with linoleum care products.

from €150 to m.p.

Wood countertops are based on 30-35 mm oak board in a natural or tinted shade and finished with three layers of moisture-resistant varnish. Сountertops made of wood are of high quality. The material is durable and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the naturalness of oak and variable wood structure makes each product unique.

Specification: natural, ecological material, pleasant to the touch, easy to maintain and clean, renewed by re-varnishing.

from €180 to m.p.

Thin HPL countertops have unique textures and decors that imitate natural materials. Due to their thickness of 12 mm, the visual purity of the product is achieved, and the black brushed edge emphasizes the kitchen composition. HPL countertops are based on a combined high-strength composite material which is produced under pressure. HPL material is very strong, moisture-resistant, resistant to high and low temperatures, very easy to clean. HPL countertop will last for many years.

Specification: ecological material, pleasant to the touch, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, very easy to clean and maintain.

from €230 to m.p.
Chipboard with HPL coating

Сountertops are based on moisture-resistant chipboard with HPL coating on all visible sides. The edges are covered with a 2 mm PVC edge using polyurethane gluing technology. This guarantees strength and resistance to moisture for many years. The thickness of the countertops is 38 mm.

Specification: pleasant to the touch, stable, stable in use, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, easy to clean, a large selection of decors.

from €80 to m.p.

Quartz countertops are made of high-quality quartz agglomerate, created on modern technological lines. Their composition includes environmentally friendly components: quartz crumb, polymer resin, and natural pigment. Quartz countertops have a thickness of 20mm to 40mm. A countertop made of natural stone will become a significant and elegant accent in the kitchen space. The Quartz is resistant to wear, tear, and scratches, this material will last for many years.

Specification: smooth glossy or textured surface, strong, stable, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, easy to clean.

from €240 to m.p.
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