Сountertops are based on moisture-resistant chipboard with HPL coating on all visible sides. The edges are covered with a 2 mm PVC edge using polyurethane gluing technology. This guarantees strength and resistance to moisture for many years. The thickness of the countertops is 38 mm.

Specification: pleasant to the touch, stable, stable in use, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, easy to clean, a large selection of decors.

Chipboard decors
oak H3303 ST10 R3
concrete F186 ST9 R3
concrete F187 ST9 R3
chromix F637 ST16 R3
stone F206 ST9 R3
aluminum F502 ST2 R3
marble F204 ST75 R3
black U999 ST89 R3
stone F117 ST76 R3
shale F242 ST10 R3
concrete К200 RS R1
slate K094 SL R1
oak 5527 FP R6
marble K095 SU R6
wood K016 SU R6
portland K028 SU R6
felt K108 SU R6
venato K023 SU R6
marble K102 SU R6
marble K026 SU R6
white W1000 ST76 R3
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