Thin HPL countertops have unique textures and decors that imitate natural materials. Due to their thickness of 12 mm, the visual purity of the product is achieved, and the black brushed edge emphasizes the kitchen composition. HPL countertops are based on a combined high-strength composite material which is produced under pressure. HPL material is very strong, moisture-resistant, resistant to high and low temperatures, very easy to clean. HPL countertop will last for many years.

Specification: ecological material, pleasant to the touch, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, very easy to clean and maintain.

HPL decors
white 0085 SX
birch grey 0741 SX
warm grey dark 0755 SX
charcoal 0077 SX
black 0080 SX
white 0085 FH
hastel grey 0074 FH
black 0080 FH
lentos 0581 FH
castello 0585 FH
aristo 0540 FH
kara 0566 FH
orca 0599 FH
prado alu grey 0026 NN
cave 0428 NN
patina tin 0793 NN
patina bronze 0794 NN
blues 0386 NN
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