Quartz countertops are made of high-quality quartz agglomerate, created on modern technological lines. Their composition includes environmentally friendly components: quartz crumb, polymer resin, and natural pigment. Quartz countertops have a thickness of 20mm to 40mm. A countertop made of natural stone will become a significant and elegant accent in the kitchen space. The Quartz is resistant to wear, tear, and scratches, this material will last for many years.

Specification: smooth glossy or textured surface, strong, stable, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant, easy to clean.

Quartz decors
orleon 1203
clermont 1220
rouen 1240
aquitaine blanca 7200
calacatta ajaccia 7300
calacatta dauphine 7400
calacatta arras 7500
calacatta le nord 7600
calacatta cassel 7670
savoy 9014
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