Color fronts are based on 19 mm MDF, the front side is covered with 3 layers of matte paint, and the back is smooth white laminate. Color material that can be easily combined with each other and with other materials. You can order the fronts in any NCS color that matches your kitchen design dreams for an additional fee of €200 per color.

Color is used in five different designs: Tasty, Half Moon, Evolution, Basic and Joy.

Color decors
cotton candy 151
river nacre 152
gray london 153
shadow 154
nude 155
red clay 156
deserted 157
pale cornflower blue 158
cobalt blue 159
northern 160
jade 161
foggy forest 162
We have compiled a gallery of the Tasty, Half Moon, Evolution, Basic and Joy designs available with Wood fronts. Choose the combination of colors and handles you like and start your project.
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