Linoleum fronts are based on 19 mm MDF covered with furniture linoleum on the front side, with the edges and back side laminated with oak veneer in a natural shade and two layers of varnish.
We appreciate our Linoleum fronts for their deep colors, durability, and organic matte surface with texture. Linoleum is perceived as soft, but it is quite elastic and resistant to wear. The consumer qualities of Linoleum and its flexibility in production make this material unique.

Linoleum is used in four different designs: Tasty, Half Moon, Evolution, and Basic.

димчатий синій 051
Linoleum decors
smoky blue 051
olive 052
aquamarine 053
black coffee 054
vintage flax 055
We have compiled a gallery of the Tasty, Half Moon, Evolution and Basic designs available with Linoleum fronts. Choose the combination of colors and handles you like and start your project.
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