With ReStyle, the process of planning a new kitchen is much easier.
Here are a few steps that will help you create a beautiful and well-designed kitchen.

Start by defining the visual qualities you are looking for in style and configuration. Get inspired in our gallery and kitchen design pages.
Kitchen design
Gallery of inspiration

Determine which kitchen design and material you like the most. Use price examples in our calculator. This will help you find your way around which composition, design and material is more suitable for you.
Price examples

Order samples of the materials you are interested in to view them at home. So it will be easy for you to choose shades suitable for the interior of your house. We return the amount spent on samples when purchasing a ReStyle kitchen.
Order samples

Measure the room and draw a plan of the room. Next, imagine the composition of your future kitchen and, if desired, make a sketch.


Book a 45-minute video meeting with our design expert and send us your layout with a sketch in any way convenient for you.
Book a meeting

During the video meeting, you and the designer will select materials and combinations, discuss which appliances you plan to install, create a professional and convenient kitchen configuration according to your wishes and expectations, and at the end you will receive the first calculation of your kitchen.

We structure our video meetings in such a way that you and the designer can go through the training path more thoroughly and with professional design experience. Therefore, even if you missed some stages of the preparatory process, all issues will definitely be discussed and resolved at the video meeting.

Design is a job we are happy to do for you. So, after receiving the first proposal for the design of your future kitchen, we will ask for a prepayment in the amount of UAH 4,000 to continue working on your project and taking measurements of the room (if the customer later refuses to order this project, the prepayment is not returned).


At this stage, professional measurements of your premises are necessary. We offer the services of our specialist, who will quickly and accurately obtain the necessary dimensions with the help of 3D scanning technology. Also, if you wish, you can take responsibility and make the measurements yourself or involve your measurement specialist. We will certainly support you with a consultation and provide recommendations.

Based on the obtained dimensions, our design specialist will reproduce the project of your future kitchen, and the technologist-designer will carefully calculate each element so that everything is as it should be. Our design specialist will agree the final details with you at the next video meeting.

When the project is finally agreed, we will ask for a 50% down payment, after which in no more than 20 days your kitchen will be ready and packed waiting for production, and we will send you a photo of the finished order and wait for the final settlement and prepare for shipment by the carrier.


Our qualified contractors deliver to your home in any city of Ukraine, unless otherwise specified. Therefore, the cost of delivery is included in the order amount and does not need to be paid separately.

Installing a kitchen is one of the important stages, so we recommend involving professionals with experience in this matter. We offer three ways of installing the kitchen - by ReStyle specialists who have experience in installation, or by you yourself if you are a skilled craftsman, or by your craftsmen if you have good specialists. Installation from ReStyle is paid additionally after the kitchen is installed, usually 15% of the order cost. If you choose the path of assembling the kitchen yourself, then you take responsibility for this process, and we guarantee the technologically manufactured product, the accuracy of drilling, the quality of parts and components, and provide the necessary consultations and instructions for installation and assembly. The order is delivered in moisture-proof packaging with reliable protection on pallets.
Installation guides

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