We create kitchens to fit individual sizes. For your convenience, we have created a series of price examples for our kitchens of various sizes. You can also customize the design, choose handles, front materials, countertops, and drawers. This will give you an idea of how much a kitchen from ReStyle would cost.
Small 1
240x60 cm
Small 2
240x60 cm
Medium 1
360x60 cm
Medium 2
300x60 cm
Large 1
300x60 cm, island 180х60 cm
Large 2
240x60 cm, island 240х60 cm
This calculation is indicative.
The price of Laminate fronts is valid for Neopolitan oak 101, fluff 102, truffle 103, graphite 104 decors.
The price of the chipboard countertop with HPL coating is valid for the decors of the R3 series.
The price of the HPL countertop is valid for the FH series decors.
The price of the Quartz countertop is valid for decors orleon 1203, clermont 1220, rouen 1240.
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